Note Counting and Fake currency Detector Machine

Dear VLE,

Now VLE can get Note Counting Machine delivered at their address as it is not mandatory to pickup the Note Counting Machine from CSC SPV state office.

Features of Note Counting and Fake Currency Detector Machine:

  • Price : Rs. 4540/- Inclusive of tax and delivery charges.
  • Make and Model: Gobbler PX5388 or Gobbler PX301
  • Either of one machine(Gobbler PX5388 or Gobbler PX301) will be provided based on the availability of stock
  • Note Counting Machine will be delivered at VLE’s Address now.
  • 1-Year Offside warranty (The product carries a back to bench warranty / One Side Courier Charges).
  • Key Features :- Automatic detecting with UV(ultraviolet)/MG(magnetic)/IR (Infra-Red)/MT (Magnetic Thread), LCD display, Auto & Manual Function, With “SIZE” detection, With batching, Half-note detections, Double note detection, Chain note detection.
  • Specifications:-Hopper Capacity: 500 bills, Stacker Capacity: 200 bills, Counting Speed: 1000pcs/min.
  • Goods once sold/installed are not returnable / exchangeable.