Dear VLEs,

We have upgraded our Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS ) platform on Digital Seva Portal. The VLEs are advised to use the BBPS services to pay for customer’s mobile, electricity and other utility bills.

BBPS is a One-Stop Bill Payment Solution that has multiple modes of payment and provides instant confirmation of payment. BBPS also offers various bill collection categories like electricity, telecom, gas, DTH, water bills etc. through a single window.

Please be informed, that the entire customer convenience fees (CCF) being charged under the BBPS services would be shared completely with  the VLE. The VLE can configure the amount of CCF on Digital Seva Portal.

Benefits for BBPS Platform:
• Convenience, Time Saving, Uniform experience and flexibility of payment channels.
• Reliable service with high degree of trust and security.
• Transparent pricing with instant payment confirmation.

Log on to Digital Seva Portal with your credentials to avail the BBPS services.