About us


Maharashtra VLE (Mahavle) is one of the crucial tech supports of the Digital India Programme. We supports various e-governance and business services to VLE's and Online Shops in rural and remote areas of the state. We offer assisted supports of e-services to VLE with a focus on enhancing governance, delivering supports for essential government and public utility services , social welfare schemes, financial services, education and skill development courses, health and agriculture services and digital literacy, apart from a host of B2C services.


To develop self-dependable, reliable and uWebiquitous IT-enabled VLE's network of citizen service points connecting local population with government departments, business establishments, banks, insurance companies and educational institutions, with an impact on primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of the state's economy.


The Mahavle Support Scheme was initiated in August 2017 to improve access to technology and digital service s for citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. 


  •  It aims to support tech help for self-sustaining network of 25 Thausand CSC centres across State.
  •  We provide B2B service like help in setting any hardware or software with Stable softwares.
  •  We support verious softwares and VLE's to operate any software which is used in CSC/Mahaonline/ASSK and also other Govt and Non Govt needs.
  •  We are appointing Tech Team (TT) at each and every District in Whole Maharashtra to access each and every VLE's which plays is counter in CSC or Mahaonline Or any other service and supports VLE's for enabling them to perform their roles and responsibilities.  
  • One of the key objectives of the Mahavle is to increase the sustainability of VLEs by sharing maximum knowledge through delivery of Quick and reliable services.